Irrigation System Maintanence

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Gallagher Landscaping provides irrigation repairs, irrigation system maintenance, upgrades, drip irrigation and system diagnostics. All of our technicians are highly experienced in repairing and diagnosing residential and commercial irrigation systems.

Some of the services we offer are:

System startups that include diagnosis of any damage from plows or freezing over the winter. At that point, you can choose what you want to repair now, or postpone for later in the season.

Irrigation repairs to heads, zone valves, controllers, pipes, etc. either during the startup, at a scheduled time after the startup, or throughout the year if anything becomes damaged or no longer operates as it should.

Relocation or redirection of heads if your system isn’t performing as it should.  If we notice an area overwatered or underwatered, we can recommend moving a head, changing a nozzle or redirecting the existing heads

Irrigation clock repair or upgrades to keep up with some of the technological advances in irrigation controller industry or to adjust what your current timer is doing.

Winterizing irrigation systems to prepare for the colder months of the year. Our team maintains your system throughout the seasonal changes to keep your irrigation system lasting for years to come.

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