Trimming & Pruning

Trimming and pruning bushes, trimming shrubs, and hedge trimming.

Whether a 16 foot tall arborvitae, a long hedgerow or a small burning bush, we trim all different bushes. No matter how big or small we have the knowledge and equipment to handle it. A hedgerow can be a nice border and add color to your yard. When it gets out of control it can easily become an eye sore. We can contain and shape your shrubs or hedges bringing them back to what you wanted when you planted them. Its important to trim your bushes to keep them under control and in a desirable shape.

Keeping up with trimming, especially with evergreens, is extremely important.  If you let the trimming go, even only one season, you may never get evergreens back to their desired shape. While rhododendron or forsythia can easily be re-shaped, a yew or emerald green arborvitae may not be able to brought back if you don’t take care of it.

While evergreens should be trimmed twice per year in June and September, some plants require different care.  Rhododendron, roses, and hydrangea must be pruned before they set their buds so having a plan in place for early or late season trimming is important to maintain

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If you’ve got overgrown our outdated bushes, we can also remove plants and replace them with a more modern planting design. No matter what your problem is, we can come up with a solution.| landscaping boston braintree weymouth hingham ma

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