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Creative plantings to rejuvenate your yard!

Adding trees, planting shrubs, planting bushes, and perennials can brighten up your yard for years to come. Seasonal color is a great way to always keep your yard looking fresh. The right combinations in a plant design will make your outdoor living space enjoyable all year.

Neat. Professional. Trimming.

Whether a 16 ft tall arborvitae, a long hedgerow or a small burning bush, we trim all different bushes no matter how big or small. A hedgerow can be a nice border and add color to your yard, but when it gets out of control it becomes an eye sore. We can contain and shape your shrubs or hedges bringing them back to what you wanted when you planted them. Its important to trim your bushes to keep them under control and in a desirable shape. We can also remove plants and replace them with another plant if desired. No matter what your problem is, we can come up with a solution.


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