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Landscape Pavers and Paver Installation

Whether you call them landscape pavers, patio pavers, concrete pavers, paving stones, or just pavers, they are a great way to improve the look and functionality of your property. Pavers are interlocking bricks made out of concrete and, with proper paver installation, can be used to make beautiful and resilient driveways, patios, walkways, or pool decks, and other permanent hardscaping. Pavers are available in many colors and styles and, when installed properly, are more durable and last longer than poured concrete or asphalt.

Segmental pavers have a long history, but have only recently become popular in the United States. Old ruins and archaeological digs have shown how ancient civilizations used them in stone, and clay form for roads and pathways dating back to 500 BC. The first concrete pavers made and installed were in Holland in the 1940’s. Holland had a problem with its roads because it is situated below sea level so the ground was constantly shifting. Concrete and asphalt pavement would crack, so engineers turned to the use of individual preformed stones placed in a sand bedding. These pavers provided a flexible yet durable road surface that wasn’t affected by the moving and shifting of the ground. Holland’s situation is similar to what we face in New England with frost heaves and thawing ground. Interlocking Concrete pavers can absorb these small movements where concrete patios and pool decks often crack.

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